CMYK (Full Colour Process)
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black (Key Colour)

Spot Colours
Any colour including gold & silver.

Pantone Colours
Specified colours using a pantone colour chart.



A document that is designed to bleed of the end of the page when printed would require a bleed around the document. This is usually 3mm.



We need to register your colours so that they all line up perfectly. In order to achieve the best results we require registration marks to be included in the documents.


Using documented bleed settings in a .pdf file or add 3mm Top, bottom, left & right. The bleed allows us to print right to the edge of the document.

Registration Marks

This document shows you how to add the printers registration marks in the .pdf file.

We require crop marks & registration marks to be ticked.

Pre-press experts

Our pre-press studio will overcome any problems getting your artwork into a format for printing.

We have all the knowledge and expertise needed in this field whether from PC or Mac.

So… if you would like our help, please give us a call or contact us.